Monday, April 29, 2013

Summertimes Callin' Me...

After a rainy weekend the sunshine today made me for summer...and happy! 
We were so ready in fact that we couldn't resist a little dip...
Warning: This is a sidenote...
Umm...did I mention this lil' guy will be in Kindergarten next year?? My heart aches with this news!  It is a sad and happy and blessed feeling all at is probably the biggest milestone for him...and this mama!  He is my one and only child...having taught kindergarten for 10+ years I have always thought I would be fine just dropping him off and leaving.  But oh no!  My heart is already aching on the fact that I won't get to walk him to class the first day...and summer hasn't even begun yet! AHHH!
OK...back to reality!
So...I mentioned last week that I would have a freebie and I really wanted to make it one that was good and would keep your kiddos busy.  So I created a lil' number line subtraction center/activity.
I hope you guys have a great week!
Brandy Nicole




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