Monday, April 1, 2013

Center Picture Tour & a Ten Frame Addition Intervention FREEBIE

We have been working on addition and subtraction. I sometimes find that my students have difficulty recognizing the signs of addition and subtraction so I like to switch it back and forth from addition to subtraction...usually very dramatically!  This is addition!

So today I found a link for an interactive is pretty awesome!  Then I came up with this ladybug addition game...
Do you see the dice???It is pretty neat! 
For this activity, I only used one die to "roll".  This is because we talked about how ladybugs are symmetrical.  I also thought this was a great opportunity to work on "doubles".  So they "rolled" the die and then whatever number popped up they put that many "spots" on each side of the ladybug.  They then wrote out the addition problem underneath the ladybug! 
We've also continued working on counting on and addition using a ten frame during math small groups...
FREEBIE in my TpT click here for it!
I use binders to store my small group math materials in...I keep a pencil bag with a dry erase marker/eraser inside the binder.  All of the work./materials that I put inside the binder are stored inside in plastic page protectors...this allows me to:
1. Switch out work easily
2. Store the materials/materials that are needed for that particular activity directly with it
3. Save on LAMINATION...that's right...I said it...
I love lamination as much as the next girl.. BUT my husband says "I can't afford" he doesn't think it's necessary  to laminate every.item.I.own/use!!  So page protectors were my solution...and it allows me work on going green...right? 

So with that I make a enough binders so that each child in my small group has their own binder.  Then when it is small group time I just have them grab a binder and come to the table...every binder is assembled the same way.  All they have to do is open it and take out that page with what we are working on. Remember I told you I store the manipulatives needed for that activity with that page?? Yeah..that means that I tend to use "flatish" manipulatives: colored discs, small flat erasers, mini die cuts, pattern blocks, you get the idea...
So here are a few pics of THE binders...
To close, here are some pictures of the centers we are using this week...
Ladybug Addition Station
Compound just goes along so well with "ladybug" units...don't ya think?
Jelly Bean Sight Word Graphing...they take a jelly bean out of the bag.  They read the word and then graph it.  Once they finish reading/graphing it they put it in the candy jar.
Have a great week!
Brandy Nicole


My First Love said...

I started using page protectors as faux-laminate this year, too! It comes in handy when I make a quick little display sign that I want to hang up right away. I also use them for some of my centers as well. Your centers look so cute and fun!
My First Love

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