Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ladybug Learning Unit/Centers and a SALE!

I am so excited to go back to school tomorrow after a three day weekend!
My favorite thematic unit of the whole year is the study of Ladybugs! 
They are so CUTE! I use them as an opportunity to teach symmetry, compound words, and telling time!
So I have created a new unit: Learning With A Ladybug! 

Here is a sample freebie!
I have the unit on sale for 20% off right now! 
I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and had opportunities to celebrate.
Thank you so much for being so supportive!  The first two followers to leave a comment with their email address will get a copy of my Ladybug unit for free!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Numbers, Addition Center and Check Out those Senses

Ok..So I think I have been a little bit of a slacker on my blog!  I am so sorry!  But I promise I will try to make up for it...

We have been working on our five senses and oviparous did I decide to throw those two together you ask?  Well...oviparous animals=eggs...eggs are from a farm...and did I mention that I also used this as an opportunity to create a Five Senses Potato Person??

Ok...check out the might help put it altogether? (maybe)???

First we read books about our five senses and oviparous animals..
Hmmm...what a perfect time to dye eggs?? And discuss "wafting"?? Yes!

Then we created a list of words that relate to our five senses....

We labeled a potato head figure with five senses labels...

We made a large anchor chart of a potato person with labels...

Students made their own potato person mini anchor chart...(this was sooo cute!) is my little stroke of creativity that just hit me like a train today...
My students love to roll dice and play the roll and cover center activities.  As I was walking around the room cleaning(??)...I noticed my large inflatable dice!  Oh the idea just came at me!
The large circles underneath the board are the "covers" for when the player finds the sum!
This is the recording sheet...
So if you're interested in creating this activity for your own classroom check it out here!

I have also been working really hard on Number Interventions...I want my kiddos to really understand their numbers (and my own 4 year old can use some practice, too)!  So this is a sample of what I created...

Thanks so much for checking in!  I will have some more ideas soon!

Of course...I almost forgot...the FIRST TWO followers to comment and leave their email will get a free copy of my newest products in this post!