Monday, September 2, 2013

I Know All About Me and My Five Senses

It seems each year I try to find a new and fun way to decorate my room...this year I went with a little shabby chic theme!  It is fun and bright for the students and just a little more "home-like" feeling for me. 

Here is one of the projects I made to hang my "stuff" on each day...

I will post pictures of the new shabby chic look later this week...I was busy taking pictures of my students and my own little kinder baby!

He was so excited!  I just can't believe that he is actually 5!  Where did the time go?? I was asked this summer if I could learn to do anything what it would be to do?  I knew immediately...slow time down!  Seriously!

So since we used last week to get to know the rules and practiced (and practiced and practiced) walking in the hallway, we will use this week to learn "All About Me" and the "Five Senses". 
 I created this little packet if you are interested...

I am so glad to be back blogging!  I hope you all have had or will have a great first week!
Brandy Nicole


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