Sunday, September 29, 2013

All Things Fall and Nouns and Verbs...

I LOVE all things fall...I love blankets, leaves, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice coffee, football, decorations, and cold southern nights...umm...well living in southeast Texas that last one is kind of a stretch...but hey, when we do get one, I LOVE it (and just to let ya' know the weather channel says we'll be getting our 1st one next weekend!!!)! I found a great recipe on Pinterest for pumpkin spice muffins...3 ingredients: 100% pure pumpkin in a 15 ounce can, one box spice cake mix, and 1 cup of water.  Mix together and then put in a muffin makes 24 muffins!  Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes!   A little piece of heaven in my mouth!  I did add cream cheese icing and it was unbelievably yummy!

In my room, we have been working on any and all things fall.  Usually I organize each week and focus on one topic: leaves, apples, bats and then pumpkins.  But this year I just can't help it...I'm ready for fall weather so I'm just "mushing" it all together!  Fall makes me feel so happy and calm!

I also managed to created a L.O.W. FREEBIE for G...super cute! It is a craft of a guitar and I made the sentence to go with!
Click here to download the FREE letter G craft!
If you download it and you like it please leave positive feedback and let me know!  :o) Thanks!
I also needed to make a cute craft to put up for open house...we make cute things all the time but I wanted something special so I made this....

If you're interested you can find it on TpT!
We are also working on bats (nocturnal animal)! 
 I teaching simple sentences.  There is this cute little ditty on unitedstreaming that has lyrics of " a simple sentence is a noun and a verb...a noun and a verb...a simple sentence is a noun and a make a simple sentence"!  I love that song (I wish I could find it to link to but you can search Unitedstreaming)!  In my experience, when you are working with struggling writers if you break down the most simple of thoughts for writer's workshop for them and explain what a subject/noun and a verb/predicate is....they are less afraid to write! By doing this you are taking away the overwhelming thought that they have to have LOTS of words...this is way less intimidating! I usually start this off by explaining that a noun is a person/place/thing and that a verb is what the noun is doing.  I use a lot of simple examples that I can easily this year I am using bats to start this topic.   Bats hang. Bats fly.  Bats get the picture...right?
This is a little simple sentence reader I created that the students can illustrate and then on the last page create their own simple sentence.  The pattern for the adorable bat craftivity comes with it...if you are interested it is here!
YouTube has some awesome videos for explaining nouns and verbs as is one that I love!

And here is a great verb song from YouTube...
Also I have to mention that my lil' man started i9 football...which is supposed to be a flag football league...but those little guys must not have got the memo because there was a whole lotta tacklin' going on out there.  My little man got to run the ball in and he played so good!  But...ummm...he may not have realized that it was a real game because at the end of the game he kinda of sorta might have yelled out "Who's ready to play some football?"...uhhh....did I mention the game was OVER and his team had won?? We *might* need to work on that....
Have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!


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