Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't forget...

I know we all have really precious and creative ideas that we use to make our Mother's Day gifts, but one of my sweet teacher friends had a great idea...we should go ahead and make Father's Day gifts the same time that we make Mother's Day gifts...then the father's won't be forgotten!  Great idea!  But then the search was on...I wanted something cute...but also something that encouraged my students to write!
So I created this...
Then the same sweet friend reminded me about Cinco de Mayo...well I couldn't resist using this as an opportunity to work on writing and making a cute lil' craft!  I love having fun with crafts this time of year!  

AND...here is a freebie All About Mexico book to use with your class!  It is very simple and easy to read.
Thanks!  I hope you all have a great week!
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Brandy Nicole

Monday, April 29, 2013

Summertimes Callin' Me...

After a rainy weekend the sunshine today made me oh.so.ready for summer...and happy! 
We were so ready in fact that we couldn't resist a little dip...
Warning: This is a sidenote...
Umm...did I mention this lil' guy will be in Kindergarten next year?? My heart aches with this news!  It is a sad and happy and blessed feeling all at once...it is probably the biggest milestone for him...and this mama!  He is my one and only child...having taught kindergarten for 10+ years I have always thought I would be fine just dropping him off and leaving.  But oh no!  My heart is already aching on the fact that I won't get to walk him to class the first day...and summer hasn't even begun yet! AHHH!
OK...back to reality!
So...I mentioned last week that I would have a freebie and I really wanted to make it one that was good and would keep your kiddos busy.  So I created a lil' number line subtraction center/activity.
I hope you guys have a great week!
Brandy Nicole



Sunday, April 21, 2013


I hope you all had a great weekend and are feeling refreshed!  Just a few weeks left of this school year...where did the time go??
Tomorrow is Earth Day...so in my class we are going to talk about recycling, composting and conservation.  I like to integrate the water cycle with the rest of my Earth Day materials.
If you are looking for something to do this week, I have created two projects!  Check 'em out!
This lil' book allows your students to draw the water cycle, have vocabulary cards and write about the water cycle....and all of the pages are in the shape of a rain drop!
This activity will keep your kiddos busy!  They have to cut out all of the materials and then sort them by either materials that can be recycled or put into a compost!
I hope to be back with a freebie for you this week! 
Have a great week! 
Brandy Nicole

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring FREEBIE and End of the Year Memory Book Craft

So as the end of the year is approaching I am finding that I am having to over plan the way that you do for the first few weeks of school....anyone else feeling that way??

We have been so busy studying insects, plants, and getting ready for Earth Day.  We are also working on distinguishing the difference between addition and subtraction. Here are my addition mat freebies! This activity is perfect for math RTI!


I made a cute teacher read aloud book and emergent reader that focuses on the plant life cycle.  It also includes a sequencing page and a writing page.  So head on over to TpT to get your freebie!
Now I am so excited to show you my end of the year memory book school bus craft...wow-that is a mouth full to say (write)! I made a tag for the cover for grades Prekindergarten-4th.

If you're interested in it you can click here!

I hope ya'll are finding plenty of ideas to keep your little ones learning and engaged for the rest of the year!

Brandy Nicole

Saturday, April 6, 2013

This is how we freebie...

I went to the Council for Exceptional Student Conference this last week in San Antonio...it was amazing!  I came back feeling refreshed and excited to try new things!  Maybe some yoga...any takers??  I will post about that later...Everyone there was so amazingly energetic and encouraging!  I can't wait to go next year!

But today, I felt creative and created my first full set of themed readers leveled A-4.  The theme I focused on this time was Texas.  I also uploaded the Level 1 section of it as a FREEBIE!!

Click here to get your Texas reader!
If you like it...please rate it positively! 
 And...here is the link to the Texas Themed Guided Reading Emergent Readers full set...
Thanks so much for checking out my blog!  Have a blessed weekend!
Brandy K.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Center Picture Tour & a Ten Frame Addition Intervention FREEBIE

We have been working on addition and subtraction. I sometimes find that my students have difficulty recognizing the signs of addition and subtraction so I like to switch it back and forth from addition to subtraction...usually very dramatically!  This week...it is addition!

So today I found a link for an interactive dice...it is pretty awesome!  Then I came up with this ladybug addition game...
Do you see the dice???It is pretty neat! 
For this activity, I only used one die to "roll".  This is because we talked about how ladybugs are symmetrical.  I also thought this was a great opportunity to work on "doubles".  So they "rolled" the die and then whatever number popped up they put that many "spots" on each side of the ladybug.  They then wrote out the addition problem underneath the ladybug! 
We've also continued working on counting on and addition using a ten frame during math small groups...
FREEBIE in my TpT store...so click here for it!
I use binders to store my small group math materials in...I keep a pencil bag with a dry erase marker/eraser inside the binder.  All of the work./materials that I put inside the binder are stored inside in plastic page protectors...this allows me to:
1. Switch out work easily
2. Store the materials/materials that are needed for that particular activity directly with it
3. Save on LAMINATION...that's right...I said it...
I love lamination as much as the next girl.. BUT my husband says "I can't afford" he doesn't think it's necessary  to laminate every.item.I.own/use!!  So page protectors were my solution...and it allows me work on going green...right? 

So with that I make a enough binders so that each child in my small group has their own binder.  Then when it is small group time I just have them grab a binder and come to the table...every binder is assembled the same way.  All they have to do is open it and take out that page with what we are working on. Remember I told you I store the manipulatives needed for that activity with that page?? Yeah..that means that I tend to use "flatish" manipulatives: colored discs, small flat erasers, mini die cuts, pattern blocks, you get the idea...
So here are a few pics of THE binders...
To close, here are some pictures of the centers we are using this week...
Ladybug Addition Station
Compound Words...it just goes along so well with "ladybug" units...don't ya think?
Jelly Bean Sight Word Graphing...they take a jelly bean out of the bag.  They read the word and then graph it.  Once they finish reading/graphing it they put it in the candy jar.
Have a great week!
Brandy Nicole