Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't forget...

I know we all have really precious and creative ideas that we use to make our Mother's Day gifts, but one of my sweet teacher friends had a great idea...we should go ahead and make Father's Day gifts the same time that we make Mother's Day gifts...then the father's won't be forgotten!  Great idea!  But then the search was on...I wanted something cute...but also something that encouraged my students to write!
So I created this...
Then the same sweet friend reminded me about Cinco de Mayo...well I couldn't resist using this as an opportunity to work on writing and making a cute lil' craft!  I love having fun with crafts this time of year!  

AND...here is a freebie All About Mexico book to use with your class!  It is very simple and easy to read.
Thanks!  I hope you all have a great week!
The first two followers to leave a comment will get a free copy of both craftivities on this posting!

Brandy Nicole


robyn said...

Oh my word! They are both adorable!! So cute, and great ideas!

Brandy Nicole said...

Hi Robyn! Thank you so much! I sent you the free downloads to your email!
Hope you enjoy!
Brandy Nicole

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