Sunday, December 21, 2014

Special Delivery Santa Claus Christmas Gift Tags

Here is a freebie!  These are tags that you can use for your Santa Claus delivery your little ones won't recognize your handwriting!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Tag

Just a quick hello and a Christmas gift tag freebie!  If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive way to thank the people who you appreciate here is a cute little gift tag to put on a bottle of hand sanitizer!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

S.T.E.M. in Kinder

I feel like I just might *maybe* be getting the swing of this school year?! Finally, 50 days in...BTW where is the time going this year?
I've never had a year go so fast.  
 I digress...
I really, honestly think that I just might have the sweetest bunch of kinder babies ever! Seriously, y'all! They are caring and thoughtful!
So I've been working really hard on making my stations memorable, fun, and integrating S.T.E.M. into their literacy stations.
So here is what we've done this week...

In our Science/Engineering Literacy Station we are designing a tepee.  Seriously! This station has been a favorite station amongst the group! I just put the materials out that I thought they could design and engineer with and let them at it!  Of course it was beside my life size tepee for an example to since their actual schema of what a tepee is made of is limited...BTW if you need an engaging, purposeful and extremely fun center for Thanksgiving for your lil' kindergarten students...this has hands down been the easiest and most self directed center I've ever had...
 You can see their little tepees! Presh, I tell ya! They are so proud of them!  They also drew their blueprints in their science journal but somehow I forgot to take a picture of those...#busynewmama!

We've also been introducing some new technology into our lil' kindergarten classroom.
Here are the two newest ones we've used...
Dance Dance Revolution for the PC...
this is all my own opinion and I'm not being compensated in anyway for this...

I tried to get a picture of the pad and the don't need an actual SmartBoard to use this, just a projector for your PC.  I just happen to project my projector onto the SmartBoard. #needbiggerwalls actually create the games with this software.  So for the game my kiddos are playing I wanted them to work on beginning sounds.  I uploaded the letters I wanted them to work on and the clipart with the beginning sounds and it creates an interactive center that they L.O.V.E!  They get to move and get their energy out and they actually stay in their station!  I'm working on a game for this dance pad for them to practice sight words!

I may be a little behind but there is a listening device called the Playaway...the books are already loaded to it and you just plug in a set of head phones!  What?  Easiest listening center EVER! Hands down!  Our sweet librarian recently bought several of them! My kiddos think they are the coolest thing ever!
 And my own sweet boy goes to this wonderful S.T.E.M. he is all about designing and working on science.
Here is what he did after school today!

Have a great night!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trick or Treat...Freebie!
Happy Halloween...Here is a little treat for you! I have put up a new free print and go homework or morning work printable!  Click Here to Get it!

If you like this freebie...check out the full November edition here!

Have a great week!
Brandy K.

Monday, October 20, 2014 anyone there?

Hello all!  I know it's been a l.o.n.g. time since I posted...but I've been oh so busy!

So...did I tell y'all I'm teaching kindergarten at a S.T.E.M campus this year? It is so fun...and I'm learning SOOOOOO much! Seriously! Everyday those kiddos surprise me with what they're retaining!

Day 1: we ACTUALLY did a real, honest to goodness science journal entry!  

Day 2: Glitter Germs Science Exploration...

I seriously LOVE this quote..."Do You Speak Science?"...I smile each and every time I see this in my room! 

Y'all this is hands down the best book for introducing your young readers to the theory of S.T.E.M...if you haven't seen it you need to get your hands on it!

I also made a cute little Veteran's Day Emergent Reader that is perfect your young kindergarten readers...It introduces your kindergarten readers to the five branches of the military...if you're interested in it you can find it here!
I have so much awesome stuff coming to share with y'all for S.T.E.M.  Check back this weekend to see it all!

Sweet Dreams!
Brandy K.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to School FREEBIE

I can't believe that August is already here and that I start back to work on TUESDAY! AHH! Where did the time go? Did I mention that I haven't even set foot inside my classroom yet?? Yep. That's right! The school is under construction and we aren't allowed to go in yet...but hopefully soon! Which is ok, because the kiddos don't start for another two weeks...
So I've busied myself by creating two new projects...
 I made this precious little FREEBIE!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to School Sale...

So it's back to school time! My lil' man's clothes & supplies are bought...I had the little sweet princess at the beginning of we are set to have an awesome year! As for my classroom, well I'm changing school districts and moving to a school so much closer to home! I am beyond excited! So I decided to do my classroom in a "burlap & birdie" theme! Y'all it is so cute & it goes with turquoise and chicken wire! So very shabby chic! Check out this TpT set from KidsRCute...
I.LOVE.IT! She even made it editable! 

So I know that I will be reading a Pete the Cat book for back to school and I created this little emergent reader to work on tracking/color words/sight words and fine motor & coloring skills... (click here if you're interested) to keep my little kinders engaged the first week of school...
Check back next week...I'm working on some burlap shabby chic center signs and an emergent reader to compliment David Goes to School...gotta love a little boy who LOVES trouble! Oh yeah...TpT is having a sale and EVERYTHING.IN.MY.STORE is 20 percent off plus the additional discount TpT gives ya!
Are you ready for Back to School?
 Have a great summer!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of Year Student Gifts...

So today was my little man's last day of kindergarten!  Bitter sweet!  We are now on SUMMER VACATION people! 

So this post is VERY short...

I didn't have much time to prepare an end of year gift for his class so this is what I made...
Here is the tag if you're interested...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday in the Sun...

Good Sunday Morning Y'all!

Today is supposed to be a sunny, gorgeous day...and it's our LAST.WEEK.OF.SCHOOL for the year!  
If you're anything like me than you'll spend a few weeks relaxing, but then quickly fill your days with getting ready for back to school errands/shopping/preparing!

So I just wanted to quickly post my FAVORITE kindergarten Back To School math FREEBIES on TpT! 

To go and grab these just click on the picture and it will link you to the teacher's TpT store!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great end of the year...and remember, these teachers would LOVE and APPRECIATE it if you leave positive feedback on their FREEBIES!

See ya later!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top 10 Things I Want To Do This Summer..Linky Party

I am so excited about this summer! I have so many new things planned for next year! So you know what that means as a teacher...I will be VERY.BUSY this summer gearing up and creating new things for next year! I have started designing my new "theme" for my classroom. I am going to go for a nautical, shabby chic theme! I am so excited to get it all finished! But until I do get it finished I can "pin" my dream classroom and all the new and exciting things that I have planned for next year! My area of concentration to find exciting things for is MATH! I would love to see any ideas you have or any units you've created on TpT! Let me just say that my basket on TpT is mighty full! 

I'm excited to link up with Mrs. Jump's Linky Party, so...

Here are my Top 10 Things I Want To Do This Summer... 

10. Get this Baby Out! Did I forget to mention on this lil' blog that I am preggo??That's right...I only have about 4 weeks left! We can't wait to meet our little girl! Brett is so excited to be a big brother! 
9. Go to Canton, TX Ok...I LOVE Canton! It is crazy fun y'all! It is the first "flea" market in the US and it is always a good time! The hubs and I went last summer and it was so much fun! I've started making a list of the things that I *need* for our home! 
8. Finish the house... So we moved into our newly built house in January and we still have a lot things to do! See my #10 as to why... 
7. Get my classroom super.mega.crazy organized! I love cleaning and I can't wait to get all of my "stuff" out and start sorting and purging!  
6. Finish designing my new "theme" for the classroom... It'll be nautical/shabby chic. Think navy blue, lime green and white! Can't wait to show y'all pictures when I get it all done! 
5. Swim! We have a pool and I've only been in it once...'Nuff said!  
4. Go on a lil' family vaca... Not sure where but hopefully somewhere that we can be tech free! 
3. Read! 
2. Start running again... I haven't been able to run since I've been "preggo" because it's just too hard when I'm tired! But this summer I can't wait to get my run on! 
1. Relax!
Check out my math pinterest board...I really am looking to fill this board with exciting ideas! Brandy

Monday, April 21, 2014

Teaching Organization...

Teaching kiddos to internalize and take responsibility for organizational skills is probably the most important life lesson that we teach each day.

When you look into their little desks you know which kiddos know how to organize their materials and keep up with their work.  It seems that those sweet little babies who need help getting organized are also the same kiddos who need help "remembering" to turn their work in.

I came up with a simple solution that can grow with kiddos as they go through elementary and is very simple to create!  I simply took all the different strategies/modifications that we normally use and put them ALL.INTO.ONE.LOCATION! Crazy simple!  Y'all...hands down one of the simplest and efficient strategies I've ever done!

The front of the binder is simply what "reward" will they get for finishing all of their work.  Each time they complete an assignment than they earn four minutes of "play time" at the end of the day.  They can earn up to 20 minutes per day.  Half the picture represents only two minutes were earned...this is a cheat for me to calculate the time!  So on this binder the kiddo earned 18 minutes of dinosaur "free play"!
The inside of the front cover is where I store the pictures that are "to be earned"....

Inside the binder I have one folder for each subject area that I monitor for the student.  I put the work for the day on the inside pocket that is labeled "work to be completed" and they are responsible for moving the work over to the "finished" side.  When they finish one subject assignment I check the assignments on the "finished" side of the folder.  If they have finished the work in the allotted amount of time then they earn a "sticker" for the front cover.

At the end of the day I calculate their time and discuss with them all of the work they completed.  The VERY END OF THE DAY is when they earn their "free play time" activity.

I plan to put a zipper pouch in the very front of the binder.  If a student has a picture schedule as an accommodation/modification that requires a picture schedule I could/will also put it in the binder...the binder will STAY AT SCHOOL.  It will not be used as a communication log for school and home.  I want to think of it simply as a "portable desk"!  The front will have the materials that they will need FOR.THAT.DAY.ONLY!  Yes,this will require a little extra work...but I will have a check sheet for them to keep track of what they are supposed to have inside that pouch for that day.  It's a process that has to be taught! 

I'll post more pictures as I "perfect" the binder! 

The goal is for them to be INDEPENDENT LIFE LONG LEARNERS!  This will be a very beneficial skill for them for the rest of their life!  To me, that's a win!

What strategies do you use for teaching organizational skills to your kiddos??  I'd love to hear about them!

Lots of Love!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brett's Battle...

So for a few months I haven't had much interest with be honest, I haven't had much desire to do anything.  I originally started blogging because of my graduate classes...shortly after I discovered that I really enjoyed it and that I was able to meet some pretty amazing "friends" through blogging!

Before I start...I have to be honest, I've debated sharing this story with others.  My husband and I have prayed about it and prayed that it wasn't true.  I now feel that I am at a point where I can share this story.  I have accepted that it's happening and have decided to use this as an outlet. 

Usually, when I'm down or not wanting to do something I use the motto: Suck it up, Buttercup!

But my sweet, sweet angel has been having his own battles.  In March, we noticed our little angel's hair had "thinned" slightly.  So we took his little angel heart to the pediatrician...
 MARCH 2014
 The pediatrician did some lab work and sent us to a regular dermatologist. Nothing! They said his hair would stop falling out because it was at the end of the cycle. 
At the beginning of April his hair still hadn't stopped falling out! We were dumbfounded at this point and returned to the doctor. We told them other strange behaviors we notice...excessive thirst, EXTREME hair loss, constant complaining that he was hot, excessive irritability, easily tired...still they said he's fine!
 APRIL 2014
Mid April we went to a pediatric dermatologist...who is a saint in our eyes!  She immediately said this was NOT normal! She immediately told us that someone his age shouldn't not be having these symptoms and that these were signs of an autoimmune disease...she documented his hair loss and all the other symptoms.  Took photos and then sent us to get his head shaved (what little there was left) that she could document growth and changes in his hair growth cycle.  She was so sincere and honest...even when what she had to tell us wasn't the best of news to deliver.  We are now working with a pediatric dermatologist and a pediatric endocrinologist...hopefully soon we will have answers.  Until then all we can do is pray!  We are so blessed to have this little man in our lives! 

Thank you to all of you who have continued to follow my lil' blog and to those of you who have joined while I've been on my hiatus.  I am so grateful for all of you!  Hopefully, now that we are working with such amazing specialists we will have answers and I can continue to blog!  

Lots of Love!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Freebie Story Bird...Have Ya Heard??

Have you heard of a digital story telling site called Story Bird?? need to go there (after you read this post :o))! It is a site that allows you to create your own "books" using photos they have. It was soooo EASY! Seriously! You can create your own projectable books on topics of your units of study! What a great way to teach "writing across pages" at this point in the year with your littles!?! Seriously! Check mine out... Here is a free short book that I created for projection on teaching colors to young learners using Story Bird. Please check it out! What other great digital story telling products do you use?? I'd love to hear about 'em! Brandy