Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top 10 Things I Want To Do This Summer..Linky Party

I am so excited about this summer! I have so many new things planned for next year! So you know what that means as a teacher...I will be VERY.BUSY this summer gearing up and creating new things for next year! I have started designing my new "theme" for my classroom. I am going to go for a nautical, shabby chic theme! I am so excited to get it all finished! But until I do get it finished I can "pin" my dream classroom and all the new and exciting things that I have planned for next year! My area of concentration to find exciting things for is MATH! I would love to see any ideas you have or any units you've created on TpT! Let me just say that my basket on TpT is mighty full! 

I'm excited to link up with Mrs. Jump's Linky Party, so...

Here are my Top 10 Things I Want To Do This Summer... 

10. Get this Baby Out! Did I forget to mention on this lil' blog that I am preggo??That's right...I only have about 4 weeks left! We can't wait to meet our little girl! Brett is so excited to be a big brother! 
9. Go to Canton, TX Ok...I LOVE Canton! It is crazy fun y'all! It is the first "flea" market in the US and it is always a good time! The hubs and I went last summer and it was so much fun! I've started making a list of the things that I *need* for our home! 
8. Finish the house... So we moved into our newly built house in January and we still have a lot things to do! See my #10 as to why... 
7. Get my classroom super.mega.crazy organized! I love cleaning and I can't wait to get all of my "stuff" out and start sorting and purging!  
6. Finish designing my new "theme" for the classroom... It'll be nautical/shabby chic. Think navy blue, lime green and white! Can't wait to show y'all pictures when I get it all done! 
5. Swim! We have a pool and I've only been in it once...'Nuff said!  
4. Go on a lil' family vaca... Not sure where but hopefully somewhere that we can be tech free! 
3. Read! 
2. Start running again... I haven't been able to run since I've been "preggo" because it's just too hard when I'm tired! But this summer I can't wait to get my run on! 
1. Relax!
Check out my math pinterest board...I really am looking to fill this board with exciting ideas! Brandy


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