Monday, October 29, 2012

A bat, a monster, & a turkey activity...all in a days work

We were quite the busy workers today!  We made a bat out of a toilet paper holder (yep, there really is a good reason you've been saving those things) to study our -at word family, we made a monster to remember that monster starts with M, and we kicked it in to high gear and made a Shape Turkey for the hallway!  Can you believe that we only have two days until Halloween and in the same week we will start Thanksgiving units!  Wow!  Did you also realize we only have three weeks until Thanksgiving Break??? Crazy!  This year is going too fast! 
Here are our "Bats"!



To make the bats you need to have your students paint the toilet paper holder black.  Then you will need to trace their hand prints, I connected the two hand prints and had them cut it out as one piece...this made gluing it to the back of the toilet paper roll easier.  Once the paint is dry I cut two slits on each side so that the beginning sound strip would slide through. 
We also made a tear art project.  We made an M is for Monster (is Frankenstein really a monster??I I wasn't sure...I must have asked Mrs. Paraprofessional this question a million times) and worked on spacing out the words in a sentence....

Be warned...these are so cute that you will get SO many compliments on this project!  People literally opened the door to the class to tell us how cute they were!  Ahh, that's gotta make ya feel good?!
We also made a turkey project to work on spacing out words...and so we'd have a project ready to go for know the lil' guys will be very tired after a full night of trick or treatin'!
I know, I know...rushing the holidays...shame on me!  But I love to be prepared!  Besides, I have so many more things planned that sneakin' one it early won't hurt, right??
Here is the shape turkey project...

I love how each used their little imaginations and made the turkeys slightly facing straight ahead and one turned sideways!  I don't know about you...but I think those are some "shapely" turkeys!

As always, Kick Starting Kindergarten!
Brandy K.


Mrs. Kim Ziliak said...

I love your ideas! I used to teach K (had to move) but I loved it!!


Brandy Nicole said...

Thanks! I am so glad you visited! :o)

Bren P. said...

The Frankenstein! SO CUTE. I love it on the pink background!

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Cindy Calenti said...

Your "monsters" are really cute!

I just found you through Cara and am your newest follower. Stop by and say " hi" soon.:)

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