Tuesday, October 23, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things....

Wow!  I'm new to bloggin'...and I'm LOVIN' it!  Since I have experienced so much "newness" this year I thought I'd share two of the best products to ever enter through my classroom doors...

My Franklin Discovery AnyBook Readers (click here to see it).  This has made the most improvement in my time management and allows my "voice" to be EVERYWHERE *side note* you will hear your own voice....ALL...Day...Long! But it allows me to make all the learners independent in their work, reading and just about anything else they want to do!  Y'all...this little pen has made a world of difference in my classroom.  The kiddos feel so proud because they don't need me to read to them or help them with unknown words...they feel so BIG!

My second favorite thing this year are my totally rockin' Talk Points (see here)!  I have been using these little guys for two years now...and boy oh boy...they are the most useful thing ever!  You can record songs that you make up to help kiddos learn their names or to put with clipart to remind them of instructions!  These little guys are AWESOME...in general ed or in special ed!  I just love 'em!  I now have 15 of them!  If you don't know what they are...look into them...they ROCK!

Remember to Keep Kickin' It In Kindergarten!


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