Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just a spoonful of....

Today was a different kinda day to say the least...For the first time in my teaching career the most nightmarish thing that could ever happen to a kinder teacher happened to me...I over SLEPT!  And when I say I over slept...I mean I overslept! by an hour! ~for those of you wondering I did make it to work on time (luckily its DARE week and I got to wear a hat to work)! **wink, wink to the hat fairy**

Not to point fingers, but it might have something to do with my lil' man running fever and waking me from my slumber at 4 am!

When I got home the lil' man still had a high fever!  But he was ready for some computer time!  I think we may need an intervention at our house!  He is totally addicted to going online...thank you children's television.

Why is it that as an adult when you're sick you are in your bed--moaning, groaning, coughing, and feelin' like this might be the end...but when the little guys sick you'd never know other than the fever and the scratchy voice!  I mean, goodness couldn't you act a little tired!  (cause ya know mama and daddy are) ;o)  But the good news is we have lots of fluids and children's we might all get some sleep tonight! 

Here's to setting TWO alarms tonight!


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