Thursday, October 25, 2012

Peak a boo...

Well, since this is a blog about a kindergarten classroom I thought I'd give you a little lookie-lou into my classroom! 
Fall Sensory Box
This little sensory box basically was created through my student's imaginations. I intended for it to be free exploration to work on sensory development.  But those little imaginations went wild...they began sorting the  objects to the picture cards.  I also included the Talk Point Buttons that I told ya about previously.  Those litttle guys just started sorting everything...including the Talk Point Buttons (which say the name of the objects)!  Love it!


Patterning Station
In this station I create pattern strips to correlate with our thematic unit.  Since we are learning about nocturnal animals this is the one I created...they love it!  This is a freebie on my TpT store!
The two below are my pocket chart stations as well...they are literacy stations that are also integrated with our thematic unit!  This is part of the freebie on my TpT store! 



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