Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tell Me Something Good & Interventions

Well this will be my first "linky". It's hosted by Rowdy in First Grade excited!

So for this, you have to tell something good at school and something good that is going on in your personal life! 

Something Good At School:  The kiddos are getting ready to start practicing for their Spring play which is always so cute and one of the most precious plays I have ever seen! This makes me so happy to hear them reciting their little parts!

Something Good At Home: Little man is finally old enough to sign up for T-Ball and he is already asking us about our summer vacation plans.  So we have some planning to do! 

I have also started implementing my Blends Intervention Workbook in the classroom. I must tell you that I love it!  One of my kiddos saw my first name and said..."Br...that's a blend!" as they grabbed my name badge!  Be still my heart~we had only worked on this for one day!  Love it!  If you are interested in it check it out!

Here are some of the pics of it in my classroom!


I have also been using a different kind of picture schedule.  I really love picture schedules...however, they take up a LOT of room...and let's be honest...we need all the wall space we can get.  So I decided that the best use of a picture schedule in my classroom would come in the form of a book.  Think teeny tiny social story style book.  Here is a little looksy at how I use it!


I included this one (a little blurry) to give you a scale of how big (or small) this little book really is.
Also I started using my alphabet intervention workbook with my kiddos!  It is working very well, too!
As usual, the first two followers to leave a comment will receive the Blends Intervention Workbook for FREE!  Be sure to leave your email address so that I can email it to you!
Thanks for checking in with me!
~Brandy Nicole




christine said...

Love your blends workbook AND the alphabet intervention...WOW!

Heather Lamia said...

Very cute stuff!! I just found your blog and it is very cute!! I am now a follower!! Great ideas and I love the blends workbook!!


Heather Lamia said...
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Marcy said...

I love it all! Very nice.

Jennifer said...

LOVING the pictures schedule book! Great idea! First time at t-ball- aw! Take lots of pictures!

Rowdy in First Grade

Mrs. Leeby said...

T-ball! Love it! I remember signing my little guy up for t-ball a few summers ago. It is the cutest thing to watch! So glad I found you from our linky! I'd love it if you stopped by my little blog some time. :)

Learning With Mrs. Leeby

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